This is an answer to your call.
To that yearning, that deep deep pull, right inside of you, to go and do amazing things. There is so much there that wants to be unleashed, set free, that wants to soar and explore and inspire and change.

But whenever you sit down to do something to unleash it, you feel deflated. Because you have no idea where to start, or what to do. 
Or you might try something and then end up feeling all confused and overwhelmed - scared even. Unsure whether what you're longing to create, is even possible. Not quite ready to believe that you're the one who is meant to create it. Or how.

I know you want to shift out of the yearning, into that place where you know EXACTLY what it is you're meant to be doing, and you're doing it, joyfully, ease-fully.

I know you want to experience in YOUR OWN LIFE what you see others live: freedom. bliss. fulfilment. Leading from the heart.  Thriving in full authenticity and integrity. Your way to get there, fast? It's THE FREEDOM EXPERIENCE.


A powerful blend of Alchemy/Magic; Strategy/Action-taking; THE FREEDOM EXPERIENCE will bring out the BEST in you - and BRING YOUR DESIRES WITHIN YOUR REACH, your reality, RIGHT NOW rather than later.

🔥Soulful Business Success? CHECK
🔥Absolute Clarity on your purpose, and the unique blend of gifts you are meant to share with the world? CHECK
🔥Starry-eyed Confidence to simply be you, and to know that's enough to create an absolutely amazing life filled with beauty, and grace, and abundance, and joy? CHECK
🔥Taking Bold, Feel-Good steps forward towards your desires and dreams? Seeing them turn into REALITY, for you to experience, fully? CHECK

But MOST OF ALL, this mentorship programme creates FREEDOM.

Days spent doing work you love. A beautiful, soul-nourishing amount in your savings account. Time to play and laugh with the kids. To cuddle. To go for a walk. Take a class. Hopping on the phone with a client you absolutely adore - and who sees the value of your work. Packing your bags and flying off to a conference, a retreat, some place and some experience you know will absolutely soul-enriching. Laughing your beautiful laugh wherever you go, unafraid to shine, to be seen, as you. Taking a deep breath, and stretching yourself out of your comfort zone, because it feels right. Gazing out the window, and smiling, in joy, and happiness, and bliss. Because you live. In freedom.

The Freedom Experience is about
❋ absolute clarity on your own unique soul essence & calling
❋ absolute clarity on your message (and how to speak it powerfully in the world)
❋ lifting the fog that is keeping you stuck, and getting absolute clarity on what you are wanting to create and what your next steps are
❋ introducing you to your own inner wisdom, and building your unwavering belief in your own power, decision-making, and strength
❋ introducing you to the guidance of your Soul, and shifting you into a place of COMPLETE trust in yourself and your path
❋ giving you the tools to coach yourself through fear, anxiety, indecision, procrastination and doubt
❋ helping you shift your mindset, powerfully, on things like self-care, wealth consciousness, self-worth and outside opinions
❋ learning the art of energetic alchemy so you can create quantum leaps for yourself going forward
❋ stepping into your power as a conscious creator, and learning how to attract and manifest with focus
❋ stepping into an experience of everyday life that is just so amazingly feel-good and full of deeply experienced magical moments
❋ aligning the work that you do with what your soul aches to do
❋ helping you create the life of your dreams, and a soulfully aligned business/career that is deeply fulfilling and impact-full

These are LIFE SKILLS I will lovingly teach you and guide you in making your own. SKILLS you will be coming back to, again and again over the course of your life, as you expand into ever more exciting dreams and desires. And so THE FREEDOM EXPERIENCE will create EXACTLY the flavour of freedom that you YEARN to experience for yourself. Daily.

THE FREEDOM EXPERIENCE is an incredibly powerful journey, 6 months of truly, deeply shifting your reality and your outlook on life - and your life itself.

There is no other programme like this out there. I'll put ALL my skills at your service: as a psychic, energy alchemist, business strategist, and intuitive life coach. MEANING that YOU WILL SEE ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE TRANSFORM!

It shifts you, Mind Body Soul, into your fullest, most confident, most joyful expression in the world, it creates MASSIVE SOUL-ALIGNED ACTION in your business, and it gets you to that place where YOU are just so sure of who you are and where you're wanting to go - that you DO. Move forward, in joy.

And it's exactly the work that I am called to do - to guide and support beautiful women like you, who are ready to step into their own power, as they go through the transformation.

My personal Soul Essence is to be the initiator of change, and my magic lies in creating a beautiful, easy, joyful and incredibly supportive journey for you. I'm both an intuitive and a highly skilled business strategist, which means we bring both the magical and the practical into this journey, so the end result is exactly what you need.

I work with coaches, healers, creatives, and entrepreneurs - talented women who are yearning to get clarity on their purpose, deeply understand how to use their gifts, and create a purpose-aligned business, that is not only fulfilling to their soul but is successful in meeting their financial goals and lets them experience a freedom and joy-filled lifestyle.


When we collaborate in this 6 month program, I'll be creating and holding a powerful container for you to redesign your belief systems and align your life and business to your deepest dreams.

My experience as a past CEO, business strategist, and deeply intuitive transformational coach mean that we can travel wide and far.

I will help you connect to your deepest dreams and desires, and gain clarity on your purpose in the world. I open your eyes to abundance and possibility, and help you rewrite any beliefs and stories you might hold that are keeping you in lack. I give you the tools to deeply connect with yourself, your purpose, and walk your newly found path with confidence and trust. Together, we create inspired actions that will start aligning your physical reality - your business, career and life - with your Soul's fullest expression.


Here's how the experience is guided:

› a Freedom Experience Journey Plan, that will help me fully customize the container I will hold for you throughout our 120 Days together 
› a mini-intensive: 2 to 3 hours of deep-diving to connect to the juicy vision for your life you hold inside of you, to powerfully kick off our work
› 12 bi-weekly calls, 75 - 90 minutes per session
› personalized meditations, affirmations to support you as you move through blocks and beliefs and integrate new practices, to help you deeply embody your fullest potential
› a variety of bonuses to support you on your journey, fully personalized
› a sacred energetic power grid to support your shift and make your transformational process easier and smoother.
› unlimited email support throughout the full 6 months

Basically, my FULL undivided attention and support so you can FULLY step into your impact, freedom, and soulful success!



Dive deep, and these are the results you'll walk away with:

    • A deep understanding of your soul’s purpose, so you can go and live it!
    • Build your own online coaching business with a sense of ease and soul, or Re-align your career so it feels much more meaningful and fulfilling.
    • Clear away limiting beliefs and energetic blocks so you can step into your brilliance and serve the world in bold, beautiful ways.
    • Tap into your innate intuitive wisdom to experience life from a wider, deeply joyful and connected perspective.
    • Re-programme your subconscious mind for continued happiness and success.
    • Embody your highest self so you can lead with grace, beauty, and power.
    • Shift into a high vibration so you can manifest your deepest desires with ease, flow, and joy.
    • Feel FREE.

You will be someone who has presence, who brings a sense of depth, of joy, of being fully fulfilled in being yourself, and a deeply felt sense of being free. You will be free of your own limiting beliefs and behaviours, and free in the way you navigate life and outside influences. You will be confident in your ability to create your own #soulfulsuccess, and to live life, freely, authentically.

If you're willing to step out and be vulnerable, then this DEEP ALIGNMENT journey is going to be mind-blowing and life-changing.

If you are yearning to step into a beautifully held safe space, where you can fully blossom into the woman YOU KNOW you are being called to be; if you are CRAVING for that experience of freedom YOUR SOUL wants you to step into: there is no time like the present.

If you feel the deep resonance of these words, know that you are ready for the next step! Let's get you started with a powerful Transformational Breakthrough Session where we'll get CLEAR on the life and career you desire to create for yourself - and whether The Freedom Experience is the best fit for that!




Theany Chan - The main reason I wanted to be a part of Kath's Freedom Experience is to discover my soul purpose and get masterful at tuning into my intuition. I knew it was right for me right of the bat because I felt a powerful connection with her writings and work. Before I went through The Freedom Experience, I was lacking clarity around my soul purpose and the next steps to take in my business. During the last months so much has changed. The biggest things that have shifted is my ability to trust my intuitition and get into my body. Before, I was looking for THE way to express my soul purpose. It's such a relief to now allow myself to express my purpose in differents ways instead of trying to fit in a box! I am taking small steps forward and feel so happy and excited about my process. I would recommend Kath's work to any woman wanting to reconnect with her true authentic self and experiencing an inside-out transformation.
Are you ready to say “Yes!” to an incredibly powerful and feel-good life? Purpose, Impact, Soulful Success AND Blissful Freedom? Then act now and book your complimentary call! Because - what have you got to lose? (the answer = nothing!)