I LOVE an Intensive and I know you will, too!

For you, my beautiful, glorious, vibrant, passionate, steeped-in-real-life and soulfuelled sister, I am opening up my life and heart and taking you on a truly beautiful experience - a day of working together, identifying and building your vision for your future, with ease and your heart's desires as our guiding lights.

Imagine spending a day with someone who gets you. Someone who gives you the space to speak your hopes and dreams. Who doesn't judge or limit, rather, who guides you in imagining the path that will take you there, while being fully aware of your current reality.


When you step into this Intensive, you are investing in yourself and your future. Giving yourself permission to explore what you truly desire to experience in your life and business, and from that solid foundation, creating a solid plan to get you there, feel-good style!

Here's how it works:

› to book an Intensive you start by booking a thirty minute THRIVE assessment call to discuss your requirements
› once we both decide the Intensive is going to be the right experience for you, we schedule a date
› we can meet online or in person for the Intensive, so we'll decide on what would best suit you
› I then send you your Intensive Kick-Starter pack that will help me understand your current reality in-depth so I can plan the day out in a way that will serve you best.
› our 4-HOUR Intensive will be held through Zoom (or in person on location). We'll start with a deep digging talk that will have you feel heard and excited about the path and possibilities ahead of you. This is followed by us drafting, discussing, creating your unique plan of action for the path you want to walk. Woven through it all, we'll be looking at Energy Alchemy and your Natural Impact & Soul Purpose, so you can truly leap forward with clarity and confidence.  You're going to have an amazing transformational experience with a plan and actions to take away! 
› two weeks after our Intensive, we will get together again for a 1 HOUR call where we will see how you have done with your actions, go deeper with the coaching and answers any questions that have come up for you. 

You’ll leave the day feeling completely clear, focused and energized, with a solid plan of action to take home.


I will design your Experience so it really empowers you. Depending on your needs, this may include:

    • getting clear on your ideal lifestyle & career/business model
    • if you're wanting to start your own business: design unique offerings that you’ll love to deliver
    • mapping it all out on a 12-month calendar
    • restructuring your schedule
    • nurturing your heart & mind for flow, ease and impact
    • Soul Alchemy, to help you feel confident in your purpose
    • energy frequency upgrades, to help boost your self-love, self-confidence, and being open to receive
    • tools & practices to help you activate your intuitive senses so you can cocreate with the divine

We will redesign your business/career & lifestyle to maximize joy and impact. Together, we’ll focus on creating alignment between your career path or business model, the lifestyle you desire and the contribution you want to make. We’ll take immediate action and restructure your schedule so you walk away from this day together fully empowered and ignited.

"Thank you Kath for a wonderful VIP Day. I'm still processing the impact of it as it continues to unfold and unfurl within me. It helped me gain clarity about what my heart and soul really wants to do in my work and business and I deeply appreciated the way you held space for me and my process. Your intuition about the direction we needed to go in with the day was spot on and has altered the course of my direction. The things I truly want to accomplish seem clearer, more aligned with my soul and somehow more achievable."


Is this the right choice for you?

An intensive is all about you! There really is nothing quite like an intensive, it is such a powerful container of clarity and designing your most exciting future, one that you actually feel confident about stepping into! I would LOVE to hold this space for you as you give yourself the gift of a day dedicated to you and your growth and development!

Intensives are the right next step for:

Someone who likes fast forward movement, and longs for a kick-start
Someone who is self-motivated
Someone who wants to fast track their success

Intensives are not for:

Someone who works best with long-term accountability OR who wants deep, complete immersion into self-development, self-mastery and soulful business growth (please see my 1-1 coaching packages)
Someone who finds it hard to trust and share openly what is really going on

The Soulful Success Intensive will be right for you if you've got solid business or career experience but are yearning for more - more balance, more fulfillment, more you in what you do. And you feel ready for intensive, deep-digging work, knowing it will bring you clarity, focus and energy, with a solid plan of action.

I'll bring my career and business expertise to the table, enriched with my in-depth understanding of how to deal with 'enough' and 'more' in our life as women doing it all. I want this day to be all about you, and so I will be creating space for you to talk and reflect. I'll be challenging you - from a place of love and compassion - to look at what is working and what is not. And I'll be your co-creator in designing a plan of action that takes you from 'now' to 'then' confidently and with flow.

The Intensive is ALL ABOUT YOU.

    • It's about helping you get clear on your big dreams.
    • It's about finding ways for you to experience ease, flow, joyfulness every single day.
    • It's a gentle breeze that will clear the fog from all the SHOULD DO'S and BEST WAYS FOR, and really understanding what you want, and what works for you.
    • It's bringing together all of your dreams and desires into a crystal-clear vision, and merging that with the RIGHT types of action, for YOU.

If you're willing to step out and be vulnerable, then this Intensive is going to be mind-blowing and totally life-changing!

Your investment for this powerful and soul-nourishing Intensive: $1500.

We can also meet in person in Paris, London or Ghent (bespoke, price indication: $2500).

Book a 30 minute call to discuss and get a personalised quote or send an email for any questions you may have.