Hi! I’m Kath, the founder of Soulfully Aligned! I’m a life and success coach to ambitious women craving freedom, and who are ready to find & ignite their purpose so they can create beautiful lives and businesses they love!

I love helping women tap into this different experience of life and business: as something utterly amazing, in complete harmony in all areas of their life. And the work goes so much deeper than that: it helps them to feel completely confident and clear about who they are, so they can go out there and make the impact they feel called to make!

I know what it feels like to be living a life that seems to have it all, except it feels empty and you keep feeling like you’re meant for something more meaningful, more... truly alive. And I also know what it feels like to be on the other side: where you live your life feeling free, happy and ALL YOU! I want all women to feel this way and that’s why I do what I do! I want all women to know they can step out of that superficial, unsatisfying experience of life, and create their own life and business to feel deeply meaningful, deeply fulfilling, and like it truly matters!

Just like you, I have a story and this story, this journey is what has lead me to be the mentor and woman I am today.

My story really started a few years ago, just a few days before Christmas...

I'm sitting at the dining table, typing up an application for government funds for the start-up I'm directing, when I hear a soft noise. Looking up, I see my eldest girl, barely turned four, standing next to the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. And I feel anger bubble up, because it's past her bedtime and she shouldn't be here.

But then I see the look on her face. And I feel it hit me, a heavy cold lump settling in my stomach, the knowledge that she has been standing there for a while, calling my name, trying to get my attention. That's when she says, with big accusing eyes and a small voice, "You don't ever listen to me any more mummy". And I feel the guilt, knowing that she's right.

I love my job. And I feel stuck. Unable to move forward with the many projects I'm running, the many things it seems I am the only person capable of solving, the chaos in our home and our non-existent schedule.

And I cannot quite wrap my head around how this all happened.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

When I dreamed about my future, it never involved this endless hassle and hustle, this seemingly endless striving for more I had got caught up in – but then didn’t everyone else in my circle of friends do the same? Wasn’t this just what life was? Climbing the corporate ladder, fat paycheck, gorgeous house?

And I certainly never thought I’d one day have kids – such a precious, precious gift – and not see them grow up because I was always working… or too tired or stressed to really care about their games.

I didn’t know it then, but that moment started an even more intense downward spiral. It took me another 3 years of trying to juggle my corporate career, my marriage and my family life at an insanely hectic pace, and finally, a massive burnout to really understand what the guilt, that day before Christmas, was all about. And to take the decision to stop. And change things.

The truth is, if you’re here, reading this, you’re probably at that point yourself. Something is not working – and you’re finally at that point where you are ready to explore how to make things work again. And if you’re honest, you want them to work, in an even better way. And yes, that’s totally possible 😊

For me, everything finally came crashing down around me, with a burnout that meant I had to give up my job. For a while, I was utterly and completely lost. Part of me wanted to get back into the corporate world straightaway. And part of me knew that would just lead to more of the same – and it was time to change.

I took time out to focus on my family, my marriage, and what I really truly wanted from life. If living my life by the rules, doing everything that was supposed to make me happy and fulfilled, ultimately had brought me here, to this bleak dark place, then maybe it was time to re-evaluate… To finally listen to that stubborn whisper inside of me, that kept telling me there was something more for me out there… something that would feel truly deeply meaningful, and exciting…

And so, I started exploring. What if something else WAS indeed possible for my life? And soon, I found answers. For years I knew I wanted more but I didn’t know how to get there. I knew I wanted to do something meaningful, making a difference in the world, something that felt exciting and soul-stretching but I didn’t know what that could look like until I discovered coaching.

Being coached was an incredible experience – and absolutely life-changing. It helped me discover who I was, beneath all of the labels, and what I wanted. And it helped me understand exactly what that calling was I felt inside – it helped me find my purpose, my why. I believe that nothing in life is a coincidence, and so from my darkest place came the understanding of what I wanted to experience in life, both the work I wanted to do in the world and what I really truly wanted from my own life and who I wanted to be.

It required me to truly step up for myself, to make some clear choices and decisions, and whilst it definitely felt challenging, I also knew I had taken the reins over my life and future, and I knew all of this intense soul-searching was taking me into the life I truly wanted to life, one step at a time.

I can honestly say I've never felt more free, happy, connected, alive and as fully, truly ME as I do now. I am grateful now that my soul didn’t want to give up on me, that it brought me to that space where I finally DID look at my life. By creating a space for myself to explore what I truly wanted and giving myself permission to get the support of a coach and mentor, my whole life changed, from the inside out. And I chose to train as a certified coach, because I want to help other women step into this incredibly beautiful, empowering experience of life, too.

I now work with the most amazing women, both entrepreneurs and career women, to help them do the same: get clear on what they truly want and then create lives and businesses that are the fullest, truest expression of their talents and unique personalities, where they can live the authentic free lives they are meant to have.

If you are interested in how you can do the same for yourself, click the 'work with me' tab to learn more! Or book a chat to discuss where you're wanting to go via email.


One last thing...

This work? It's called going after your dreams. And it isn't some vague notion. Some idealistic vision of the future, utopia.

It's very real. And it's the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Ever.
To give yourself leave to explore that yearning deep inside. The silent whisper in the night. That tells you there is more. More meaning. More depth. More you.

ARE YOU READY? Step into your power, start living your dream life and transform the world while you're at it. Because you can. XOXO