True to my soul's purpose, I *love* to support other women in building a kick-ass business/career and fabulous life.

My own experiences have shaped me. And I know there are no coincidences, because the message in this Call Recording? It's meant for you.

My beautiful, glorious, vibrant, passionate, steeped-in-real-life and soulfuelled goddess sister - let's explore how you can take time back from your day to just take care of you. Because I know, from experience, that not making yourself as much of a priority as your business, and all your other roles and responsibilities, is draining you - and can ulimately only lead to things come crumbling down. I've lived that experience. And I do not want you to have to go there, if my sharing my story can in anyway help you not to.

You're invited to listen to this Call Recording, where we explore:

  • Why it's so important, non-negotiable even, to have ME-time as a business owner

  • Why you're really having trouble finding the time for self-care (hint: it's not because you don't have the time)

  • How to shift into the mindset of choosing to see yourself as a priority

  • 4 easy ways to start adding ME-TIME to your days, and shifting into joyful high energy

And this: a bonus free download of +15 easy self-care ideas, shared by other female entrepreneurs, to show you it doesn't have be as hard, or as time-consuming as it might seem to you now.

Tap Into Inspiration!

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Hey Gorgeous, get ready to listen to the class - and BE INSPIRED by +15 easy self-care ideas shared by other women!

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