Megan Hale - I was feeling overwhelmed, lost, and unsure what to do next. I had so many ideas and dreams for where I wanted my business to go. Working with Kath provided more insight into the inner workings of my business than any other process I've been through before. I felt extremely listened to. There was not one word, one idea, one dream that you did not pick up on. Every area of improvement, lack, and strength was highlighted that provided a road map of where I am now and where I want to go. Kath did not miss one single element of my overall business vision and it was quite the experience to see everything come to life. All of a sudden, my dream business appeared attainable. I can't thank her enough!
Sunita Prodan Benolic

In our work, Kath has taken me from panic mode to action mode, with lots of compassion and reassurance. At times when I wanted to give up, she made me see a new perspective and new possibilities. And she made me finally do the work, show up and start getting clients. As a result, she has made me realise that it is possible to create a life and business that will be more aligned with my values and dreams. Our work together made my faith in the power of women's collaboration even stronger.

Anchen Le Roux

Kath is one of those rare people that will keep you motivated and excited to accomplish goals in your business without making you feel guilty. I feel a lot of coaches use guilt to motivate but not Kath. This Mastermind came to me at a very difficult time, yet her ideas always seemed so doable and I was always excited to give it a try.

Marta Krasnodebska

Kath is inspiring, kind and encouraging and if you want to build a business that is truly yours - reflects your values, personality and mission - she is the one to call. Our work in the Mastermind allowed me to see other people have exactly the same challenges as me - so if I'm struggling with something, it doesn't mean I should quit altogether. Her continuous encouragement and support was so valuable and I loved that there was always time on the group calls to talk about the specifics of our business. A major shift for me that Kath has helped me with, is to focus more on Self-care, which is so important as a business owner.

Jehane Sharah - My work with Kath showed me how I could bring more ease into my business, boost my income without burning out AND achieve some big dreams. I feel like I now have a roadmap to achieve my business goals. You also helped me solve some dilemmas I've been having about some specific services I offer. I also loved your insight into bringing more work/life balance into my routine - super important and something I've been neglecting. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to grow a profitable business the enjoyable way. You have a gentle but powerful approach that helped me uncover some mindset blocks that have been holding me back. I was also impressed with your ability to quickly analyse my situation and come up with a solution!
Annemarie Zerafa Showering

I absolutely loved my session with Kath! She helped me think outside the box, was empathic, respectful and totally understood my predicament. She also picked up on all my qualities helping me to broaden my options of where the calling is as a coach. Kath is so easy to talk with and listened and "heard" and could feedback to me all that I said. She's empathic and made me feel at ease and helped me to believe in myself. A heartfelt thanks.

Lynn Man

Kath has a way of helping you see through the fog to find clarity. She listens, guides and provides practical suggestions that are actionable. She meets you where you are at, helps you get clear on what your big dreams are and follows up with a comprehensive list of things to do to move toward your dream.

Marie Spetz

Wow thank You Kath, what an amazing session, getting right to the heart of my issues and the shifts that were made on the call, I feel so much lighter now and ready to conquer the world. I had not realized how important it was that I really, really, really Acknowledge and Celebrate how far I have come, what I have accomplished. You made me see I overcame many obstacles to be where I am today, that I have value to offer, that I do have the confidence as I have done it already and I can do it!! I say Yes to believing in myself!!!

Shelley Hutchinson - Thank you Kathleen for a wonderful VIP Day, it was incredible and very powerful. It helped me gain more clarity about what my heart and soul really wants to do in my work and business. At the end of the VIP Day my direction seemed more simple than it had done before and more achievable. On a deeper level the day was part of an unravelling process that was needing to happen as I was able to connect more deeply with myself. I felt very held through the process. Your particular gift is having a combination of understanding business side of things and a strong intuition. This worked incredibly well at helping me access what was being held inside me and be able to see how this might look in a concrete way.  I deeply appreciated the way you held space for me and my process. Your intuition about the direction we needed to go in with the day was spot on and has altered the course of my direction. The things I truly want to accomplish seem clearer more aligned with my soul and somehow more achievable.
Kelly Dawn

I loved our session-we covered A LOT! You not only helped me map out exactly what I need to do in order to be able to quit my day job, but you also helped me with ways to manage my time, and take care of myself (two very important areas I slack off in).

Megan Roth

I had the lovely opportunity to do a Soul Session with Kath. She has a gentle and clear energy and an ability to ask the kinds of questions that really get you thinking! I left the session feeling curious and excited about using the insights she helped uncover to take my next steps.