A Story About You, Me & Changing The World

That craving for meaning. For freedom. For breaking out of the mold. For doing things your way. For creating ripples of change. Let's talk about that, right now.

You're a Visionary

I know you are. You want to feel passion. You want to feel powerful, in charge of your own life. Not the play-ball of random events. You want to feel held, connected, like you belong. To be seen for who you are. You want to feel vibrant, sexy, present to life, and in full ownership of your charisma. You want success, on your own terms, created in ways that feel meaningful. To feel affluent, wealthy. Above all, happy. You want to feel purposeful, know exactly who you are, and how you want to show up in the world, which is powerfully on purpose. You want to feel truly alive. And you want to change the world.
You, my gorgeous, you are not alone in this, not isolated, different, outsider, but connected to so many others on this planet, a tribe, a sisterhood of trailblazers. A new league of pioneers. Inspiring. Beacons of light in the world. Leaders.

With a Fierce Calling

It's not for the faint-hearted, this path. It's for the ones whose hearts burn fiercely, wildly, with a courage that might still feel new and wobbly - but COURAGE nonetheless. Is it you?
I know. Your heart burns with an almost guttural reaction - a deep pull, a recognition.
You are being called. To step into a new way of BEING. To create a powerful impact in the world through who you are. A more meaningful way to create success in the world. To carry it outward. To be a blazing beacon of light and hope in the world. To inspire others. And ultimately, to change the world.
So. Give yourself permission to explore that yearning deep inside. Step onto the path. Walk the journey. Shed the shoulds, woulds, coulds. And start to live. Fully. Truly. As who you truly are. Creating the impact you naturally bring to the world.

Step Into Your Natural Impact.
And Illuminate The World.

That's why I'm here. Writing these words so you can read them. 
I've been where you are now. Unsure of what I would be stepping into - but knowing I couldn't just go back to the way things were. Because no matter how successful my life seemed on the surface - checking all the right boxes of what it means to live a 'fulfilling' and 'successful' life - it wasn't. Fulfilling. If anything, it felt hollow and empty.

Never satisfied, you say? Well ... the change I craved wasn't about the money. A bigger car. Or a fancier job title.
The change was about something deeper. About life. And feeling like I was actually living it. Feeling like my work had meaning.
It took a massive burn-out (stubborn anyone?) for me to take the plunge. To go, and explore. To see if there was a life of more meaning to be found. If there truly was a calling, out there, for me. That journey – the journey to embrace bliss and live life, fully, and to empower you to do the same – has lit me up, personally and professionally. I know what I’m here to do: blaze a trail for 


A New Way of Being. Of creating Success In The World.

My journey took me into a life so deeply experienced, so vivid in colour and emotion, there's only one word to descibe it: Soul-soaking Bliss.

And it flows. It flows with inspiration. With beautiful opportunities. With ease, excitement and joy. And the knowing that I am who I am, and that this is beautifully okay - because it's the basis of my natural impact in the world. And that knowing - it has opened the doors to a professional life that feels deeply meaningful, and deeply fulfilling.

My natural impact is to reconnect you to the heart of you. Your own inner wisdom and power. Your Soul. Because THAT is the essence, the core, the source that EVERYTHING else blooms from. A beautiful life, with deep connections and a sense of meaning, purpose. Magical moments, and a feeling of being connected, always. A truly rich life experience. A deep inner knowing, sense of peace and stability. And impact. The courage and confidence to step boldly into the world, unafraid of naysayers and brilliantly inspiring to so many others. Authentic, Compassionate, Powerful. 

My work centers on Visionary Feminine Leadership, and offers my clients guidance all the way from discovering who they truly are, at the core, their calling and natural impact, to feeling deeply confident in taking their calling out into the world and creating that intense fulfilment and joy and success in life.

Are you ready to claim this for yourself?

My clients claim their impact.
Confidently, with grace and compassion.

Will you be one of them?


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Life is for living.

Truly, deeply, an eye-opening soul-soaking experience, each breath felt and savoured, rays of light in the late-evening summer sunshine, the warm breeze of a faraway tropical paradise, shivers in the cold snow and delightful hot chocolate - the good kind, the deeply flavoursome real chocolate-with-cream kind.

For cuddles in the sofa, tears kissed away, for magic tricks and treasure hunts and play pretend, for queens and kings and fairies, for unicorns and cheeky grins and mischievous sparkle-eyes and the.most.infectuous.laughter. For windows-down drives in the countryside, hands trailing in the breeze, the exhilerated pleasure of feeling free, for gardening. For watching plants grow, for picking the juiciest strawberries, for strewing flower petals everywhere, because it's pretty, and for late-evening meals with freshly sliced tomatoes, still warm from the sun, that scent of earth and powerful growth reminding us of life, life, fully lived, always.

this is how I desire to live:

  • My favourite ways to spend my days: taking on the role of tickle monster for my daughters. To capture the sound of their laughter in beautiful bottles to cherish forever ... And, working with my clients. I find it absolutely amazing that I can speak to women from all over the world, that we all share the same doubts and fears, that we all have these beautifully unique and powerful dreams. That we are all being called to fully shine our lights, and make the world a better place for it. Gratitude.

  • My work is a solid blend of Business, Soul & Energy - each client's journey is fully personalized and focused on exactly the growth, skills and transformation that will most benefit you. It's a full-on blend of 3D practices and tools, and 5D energy work so you can shift through your limiting beliefs and old energetic gunk superfast - and we get straight to the core of what you're working on. It's Quantum Leaping between realities - within a deeply grounded, practical container. 

  • It took me a while to be able to see beyond pure logic - and into the wider perspective of energy, intuition, and how we create our own world. Your doubts, fears, apprehensions - I get it :) I am now deeply connected to my Soul's Truth and my daily life reflects this. There's a beautiful balance between the continuous connection I have with the multi-dimensional realms; and who I am as an earthly, grounded and 'real' woman that walks this planet with a deep knowing of what it means to live & create from the practical perspective. Meaning, I am well versed in the practical world, and what I seek and teach is a BALANCE in our identity as humans and spiritual beings.


  • Masters Degree, Major English Literature, University of Ghent
  • MBA in Business Communication, University of Ghent
  • 14 years Corporate Experience, various Leadership roles through to CEO
  • Intuitive Coaching Certification through the mentorship of Katelyn Edgar
  • Profound, wise, honest, passionate. You pull out who people really are, and ask the best questions! I feel so respected and heard in your presence.
    some of the loving words shared by my mastermind friends during our 1 week in Belize, January 2015

Here's what I do

ALIGNMENT Mentoring Programmes (a solid blend of Business Coaching, Life & Soul, & Energy Work) 

I passionately believe you have a calling deep inside of you - a dream you can hear whisper softly, persistently when you take a step back from the humdrum of everyday life. And if you're curious to explore where it takes you - I would love to be your guide as you take your first steps. It's incredibly empowering to have a mentor beside you as you explore the dream, face the fears and doubts, and decide on your next steps. It's comforting knowing you have a shoulder to lean on. It's amazing being able to celebrate, truly, joyfully, with someone who gets it completely when maybe your direct surroundings doesn't, yet. And it's powerful learning the tools that will keep you going, strongly, confidently, once you step out fully on your path. Let's join forces and bring your dreams to life.

GROUP Programmes:

My signature group programme, INTUITION MASTERY, is a solid introduction to the new way of being - flowing with intuition, yet deeply practical and action-based. Read more here:

SELF-STUDY Programmes:

Soulfully Aligned Academy is the collection of self-study programmes I created so you can take practical, solidly tested steps towards your own on-purpose business - at your own pace and in your own time. All courses in Soulfully Aligned Academy are priced at an incredible price level, because money should not be an obstacle to start taking steps TODAY towards a more fulfilling, more soulful life & business.

Free Inspiration:

Stepping into your FULL POTENTIAL & IMPACT sounds so scary! I'm here to show you that this isn't all that difficult. No big bold gestures needed. From here to there, now to then, it's a matter of one small choice leading to another. Let me be your instigator, your catalyst, your cheerleader, your soulsister.

I'll spur you into action, give you space for reflection, offer you food for thought, and a warm smile.

I invite you to wander through my world. It's a magical place, filled with children's laughter, fantastic REAL food, the colours and scents of faraway places. You're an honoured guest here, in my Soulshares. Let's spark your journey, ignite your path, fuel your soul. Now.